Our work at HOTEL INC is done through Holistic Partnerships. We ask that anyone seeking ongoing services from HOTEL INC complete an application for partnership, since our first step is to try to understand each person’s situation, needs, and goals. Applications enable us to understand your unique situation and how a partnership might impact your life.

HOTEL INC values collaboration with each person who comes through the doors. We begin these holistic partnerships by assessing skills andabilities, barriers and goals relating to the health and wellness of an individual’s whole being, which includes nutrition, health, housing, spirituality, transportation, employment, legal issues, relationships, and education.

In addition to one-on-one navigation, we offer two cohort-style educational opportunities. In an 8-week class, Foundationsparticipants work through topics including financial management, health and wellness issues, transportation obstacles, food security, relational stress, legal obstacles, spiritual needs, and educational goals. We offer Foundations five times in a calendar year. Each cohort has a day or evening group.

We also offer Getting Ahead, a 15-week cohort class that works through skills and topics to build confidence, connections, and stability. We offer Getting Ahead twice in the calendar year.

Preference will be given to applicants living in the Delafield neighborhood, followed by the West End neighborhoods of Bowling Green and then finally, the rest of the City of Bowling Green and Warren County. Following the review, all applicants will be called back, and any further steps including partnership or connection to other community resources will be discussed.

Partnership openings will be filled based upon availability. Please contact our office at 270-782-1263 to learn more or apply for partnership.

What To Expect From Partnership