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Our Story

In the early 1980s, a small group Bible Study inspired by 1 John 3:17-18 began exploring local poverty. Motivated by their faith, they started giving clothing and cash to those in need. Their vision expanded to transforming a donated hotel into a Christian mission, leading to the establishment of a nonprofit called “HOTEL INC: Helping Others Through Extending Love in the Name of Christ.” Their goal was to support these efforts and unite local churches in service.

HOTEL INC grew significantly. An overflow of donations led to the opening a clothing store supported by volunteers and local churches. The organization expanded its services to include Manna Mart (food distribution), Solomon’s Cellar (clothing), Care Giving (financial aid), Burning Bush (disaster relief), and Elisha’s Closet (health appliances).

From 2001 to 2011, we at HOTEL INC faced challenges, resulting in a reduction of programs and organizational support. During this period, the focus narrowed to Manna Mart and Care Giving, and the organization saw four different directors at its helm.

In 2012, the Board of Directors hired a fifth director who prioritized the addition of Transitional Housing, leading to the opening of the first home. We began shifting our programs to better address community needs, with up to 150 volunteers a month assisting with direct services.

 We researched best practices for community development, housing, and food-related work. This period marked the beginning of its transformation from a traditional charity to a relational, community-based development organization.

HOTEL INC concentrated on building strong partnerships with landlords and took a leading role in initiatives like ReImagine Charity and City Shapers BG. We developed Wholistic Partnerships, which streamlined its services by closing redundant homeless programs, and swiftly adapted to meet emergency community needs during the pandemic.

In recent years, HOTEL INC launched a community hub and initiated a Capital Campaign to support its work. The organization established the Delafield Neighborhood Group and Co-Op Market, formed 50 landlord partnerships and operated three transitional/medical respite homes. By conducting neighborhood listening sessions and being named a Community Adaptation Partner by the American Red Cross, HOTEL INC continues to build resilience and adapt to community needs.