(April 6th, 2020)

Dear Friends of HOTEL INC –

Do you feel like you are on a car ride out west and the mountains are way off in the distance? Or in the Appalachian Mountains where people talk about how the mountains kiss the road? All of us are experiencing something we never have before on this car ride. Some of our pre-pandemic partners felt like they were driving up the mountain and doing it well, now only to hit the pot hole of a job loss or their hours cut dramatically. There are some who are battling with their mental health as they feel alone with little to no human contact. Others have chronic health issues and feel they are in a pit stop, but they don’t know when their “car” will start again. Each day we hear our Governor say, We are in this together.” We are. The staff, donors, volunteers, program partners… we are all on this road trip together.
This past week the staff began to prioritize our pre-pandemic partners. This includes roughly 600 households we have been working with in the past two years. These partnerships include Transitional Housing, Preferred Tenant Program, Permanent Housing After-Care, Medical Respite, Street Medicine outreach, and Solution Investment Partners working on their solutions of chronic hunger. You see, there are curves, pot holes, pit stops, and mountains ahead on this journey. It is important at HOTEL INC that we begin to plan for them now.
Your financial support and prayers are essential for the journey. We are responding daily to calls, emails, and texts about how lives are being changed right now. We have heard in people’s voices the pure panic, uncertainty, and loneliness – to not understanding how to apply for unemployment or SNAP benefits. We have also heard hope and faith shared as well as words and actions of kindness and generosity.
While we may be in for a longer car ride than planned or hope for, let’s stay on the journey together. Your support means we are here! The staff of HOTEL INC will continue to be present, actively engaging in a crisis and working with our neighbors on the solutions they need and desire for their families to thrive on the other side of the mountain.
Your generosity can be shared with us at hotelincbg.com/donate or mailed to PO Box 1688, Bowling Green, KY 42102. Remember to follow our Facebook page for up to date information.
Rhondell Miller
Executive Director
PS: Mr. L. signed his lease last week. For the first time since 2013, he has an apartment in his name!
PPS: Mrs. P. paid down $200 on her payday loan and reduced other household bills by $100 during the past month with the Solutions Investment Partnership!


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