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We are so grateful for the support that has been shown to our staff and organization over the past few months through calls, texts, emails, lunches delivered, donations, and prayer. From all of us – thank you. The month of May has been our hardest. Six staff and interns have been quarantined, and two of us are still out recovering. We continue to rally around each other and walk with our neighbors as they too have had difficult and challenging days.

While adapting and working through our abilities to maintain services, we are continually reminded that it is in building relationships, learning from each other, sharing our commonalities, gifts, and resources that a community heals and grows. Some need physical, emotional, addiction, or spiritual healing. We (you, me, our neighbors) all need each other – and we all need healing from something.

Our name, HOTEL INC, is an acronym. It means Helping Others Through Extending Love In the Name of Christ. That is what you have done by supporting us, our neighbors, and our community over the last few months. Together we will continue sharing love, hope, and grace.

We would appreciate you taking 2 minutes to complete a survey for us. It can be anonymous if you prefer.


Thank you again for your support that helps to build housing, health, and food security in our community. We would love for you to share why you support HOTEL INC with your friends and family. Feel free to forward them this email with your own testimony.

Continued prayers for all who are shut-in, sick, recovering, looking forward to their employer calling them back to work, those who are looking for affordable housing, those who are experiencing homelessness, those who are seeking new jobs, and for those who have lost friends or loved ones.

Rhondell Miller
Executive Director

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Rhondell Miller
Executive Director
June 1st, 2020

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