Mission Statement

HOTEL INC provides Warren County citizens with pathways to stable housing, community resources, building relationships, quality food and serving our neighbors.


To advocate, educate, empower and share in the work of our community to ensure all citizens have security through safe, affordable, habitable housing and nutritious food. 

Groundbreaking Solutions

HOTEL INC is a leader in Warren County, Kentucky for solutions to the affordable housing crisis and homelessness. Our mission is to provide pathways to stable housing, community resources, building relationships, quality food, and serving our neighbors. We invite financial institutions, developers, builders, property managers, and everyday citizens to work alongside agencies like HOTEL INC to address real barriers to flourishing in our community.

HOTEL INC has served very low income and homeless citizens of Warren County for 38 years. Kentucky Housing Corporation reports that while the number of homeless persons in Kentucky is down, almost all the reported households are newly homeless. The report states that more Kentuckians are living close to homelessness in terms of their living costs versus monthly income. Just one emergency can push a family into homelessness. 

Who We Serve

In 2018 HOTEL INC served 1,907 households. Many faced financial hardship to meet their basic needs due to being rent burdened, grandparents raising grandchildren, limited fixed income and high medical costs, and loss of a job by one member of the household. In Kentucky and in Warren County in particular the lack of affordable housing is extreme. Waits for housing can be longer than a year, up to five years. People who have traditionally been able to move ahead in their housing did not do so at the same ratio in 2018 as in past years. Among the families that utilize HOTEL INC’s services, additional affordable housing was lost due to increased rental prices that far exceed 30% of the average person’s bring-home pay. In Bowling Green 45% of renters are rent-burdened. This means an estimated 15,800 renters are paying more than 30% of their net income in rental costs – making their household unstable and at risk of homelessness as well as unable to meet basic needs such as food, transportation and medical care. [Anna Baumann, communications director at the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy reports that a two-adult, two-child household would need an annual income of $77,000.00 to securely cover housing, transportation, taxes, food, and childcare. The median income in Warren County $39,901.]


  • We believe that every person, no matter how adverse the circumstances, is redeemable by God and can live a life of meaning and purpose
  • We treat all people with dignity and respect, always with the understanding that we are part of one community
  • We and those we serve work together to be people of integrity, responsibility and commitment


HOTEL INC was established as a 501(c)3 in 1981. The founders of the organization created HOTEL INC to serve the impoverished and homeless families of Warren County. Our funding is derived from private donations, foundation grants and fundraising. Through the years the program elements have changed but the core of the organization’s mission remains the same. In our efforts to end homelessness rather than maintain it, HOTEL INC seeks to serve people efficiently and effectively. We currently provide programs that model best practices in the US. Formal adoption of Coordinated Entry for those applying for housing services has created an organized and effective flow that directs clients from program intake to program exit with aftercare case management. With navigation (case management) and financial assistance, these households are offered a pathway from homelessness into permanent housing. Integrated programs include Food Security, Housing and Homeless Services, and Street Medicine.