HOTEL INC has recently partnered with the City of Bowling Green to address the lasting effects of the December tornadoes. Our Navigators will work to partner with victims impacted by the tornadoes to address the mid and long term facets of their recovery. Additionally, we may be able to assist those impacted with temporary financial assistance as they await their Disaster Unemployment Assistance, while they wait for their impacted employment to return or while seeking new employment.
We are also able to assist victims impacted by the tornadoes with their transportation needs through a partnership with the City of Bowling Green and utilizing Uber vouchers. These vouchers will assist victims with getting to work, school, medical appointments, the grocery store, religious services, and to any tornado recovery appointments.

Applications will be reviewed Tuesday-Thursday.

Tornado Assistance Application

If you lost your transportation or did not have your own transportation at the time of the tornado you are eligible to apply for temporary transportation assistance via Uber. Applications will be reviewed Tuesday – Thursday. Applicants can enroll themselves or via a community agency that is providing recovery case management. Applications will be received beginning February 1st. This assistance is temporary. If you are needing additional assistance in navigating your recovery you may also apply for partnership with HOTEL INC.

Applicants must provide the following:

• Proof of residing in disaster zone (1 of the following is accepted: lease, mortgage, FEMA/Red Cross app, utility bill)

• Have access to email

• Phone for downloading/using Uber app

• Current address of residence; Employment/School address if needing assistance to/from

Transportation Assistance:

• Transportation can be provided for work/school, medical appointments, 1 grocery shopping trip per week, 1 religious service per week, tornado recovery appointments

• Uber voucher will be set within Bowling Green/Warren County area except for employment that may be out of the area

• A voucher will be created for monthly usage for the household

• The voucher will last for 1 month. If you need additional monthly assistance you must reapply by emailing

• A household will be dismissed from the transportation assistance program if being transported to unapproved locations

HOTEL INC is providing this service in partnership with the City of Bowling Green.