Seeking Shalom is a video-based, community-driven experience that will equip churches, nonprofits, and practitioners to transform the charity paradigm.

Participants in this course will discuss questions like:

  • Is charity working?
  • Why isn’t charity working?
  • What is poverty?
  • How do we seek shalom?
  • What if we went beyond meeting needs to Seeking Shalom?

Offered Every Spring and Fall

Must email to register. Cost is $15.

“So many of our traditional charity models provide a lot of activities and services…people have fuller bellies and a warm place to sleep at night, which are really good, but that does not change the trajectory of their lives.  Our common charity models have provided comfort to poverty but have not come any closer to ending poverty.”
– Katie Delp

“The first time I read this excerpt it totally threw me.  I was settling for so much less than abundant life for my neighbors.  The thought of changing the trajectory of their lives seemed foreign to me. But this past year, I have witnessed first hand how allowing people to take responsibility for their own decisions – good and bad- has allowed them to change their trajectory. Sometimes it takes more than one try to commit to the better decision; to work through the consequences of the bad decision, to experience the pride of completing a task and gaining rewards through the program. It takes time but we are seeing lives changed.  To find out more, just ask.  We are happy to share the things we are learning.”
– Beth Carroll

To find out more, just ask! We are happy to share the things we are learning.