HOTEL INC provides access to permanent housing services & solutions. People experiencing street homelessness may utilize the Education and Development Center to schedule appointments for shower, laundry, mail, computer access, chaplains, store (participants obtain points through various development & volunteer opportunities to purchase items).

Four times per year people may enroll in the Preferred Tenant Program (currently limited to 120 households annually). Financial assistance for rent or utility deposits may be allocated to program participants. STRAC (short term rental assistance with case management) is also a part of the this program.

Preferred Tenant Program

HOTEL INC’s Preferred Tenant Program addresses the barriers homeless and very-low income households face as they strive to find, secure, and maintain safe affordable housing. The program is presented in small-group workshops in which households work together to share knowledge and initiate a personalized plan to obtain housing. Housing Navigators (case managers) are experts who assist individuals through the steps to renting or owning affordable housing. Education includes financial literacy and application to each household budget, employment, being a good neighbor, opportunities of home ownership, housing readiness and navigating your lease.

These workshops address legal issues related to leases, home occupancy/ownership, housing laws, navigating contracts (legal rights and responsibilities of tenants or new owners), other legal problems frequently challenging poor households such as credit history, predatory lending, avoiding or recovering from bankruptcy, and much more. This knowledge is put to use as each household implements their plan. Support after the program is provided to help participants maintain housing.

1st 2021 cohort already graduated! 

2nd 2021 cohort
applications 3/16/21 – 4/2/21
classes 4/15/21 – 5/27/21
graduation 6/3/21

3rd 2021 cohort:
applications 5/4/21 – 5/21/21
classes 6/10/21 – 7/29/21
graduation 8/5/21

4th 2021 cohort:
applications 7/6/21 – 7/22/21
classes 8/12/21 – 9/23/21
graduation 9/30/21

5th 2021 cohort:
applications 8/31/21 – 9/16/21
classes 10/7/21 – 11/18/21
graduation 12/2/21

Affordable Housing Initiative

HOTEL INC’s Affordable Housing Initiative utilizes a variety of strategies to increase affordable housing. Please contact us if you are interested in being an investor or discussing landlord partnerships.

Our goals include –

  • Purchasing houses or duplexes to be renovated into transitional and affordable workforce housing
  • Transitional medical respite housing for homeless persons in recovery from an illness or surgery
  • Master lease agreements with property owners to rent a number of units to HOTEL INC
  • Partnerships with community teams to build affordable housing to specifically address the needs of the occupants, such as access to healthcare, public transportation, etc… (because housing is critical to health and well-being, many healthcare companies are investing in affordable housing)
  • Donors, foundations, and corporations purchase properties and fund renovations
  • HOTEL INC manages the properties with housing program participants who provide sweat equity maintaining and improving the property and paying up to 30% of net income for rent
  • These fees will help sustain the housing program services and our Preferred Tenant Program
  • Preferred Tenant Program graduates will move into transitional workforce housing to work, save, and prepare for their move to permanent housing (or move directly into permanent housing)

Education and Development Center

Services offered by appointment only (please contact us for details). Please arrive no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. First time guests do not need an appointment.

  • Laundry and Showers
  • Education Classes
  • Housing Navigation for Preferred Tenant Program Participants
  • Street Medicine Navigation


Piecemakers are a dedicated group of quilt makers who donate their time and talents every month. Quilts produced by Piecemakers are given to newly housed clients, clients with high utility costs, or clients who have suffered loss due to fires or flooding.

Watch this PBS Mainstreet documentary to learn more about our local Piecemakers team…

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