Food Security

HOTEL INC partners with individuals and families to navigate the challenges of food insecurity. With over 20 food pantries in the Warren County community providing crises assistance, HOTEL INC has moved to provide partnership to create an individualized plan for addressing and alleviating the monthly struggle for everyone in the home to have the proper nutrition needed. This change from direct service to partnership has been in transition since 2017.

We realize food insecurity is very real in our community. In 2019, program participants shared the following as the main reasons: rent burdened, multiple adults in household but not all generating income, pharmaceutical cost, fixed low-income households raising grandchildren with no extra income, and low wage earners as head of household. Further discussion included solutions they could see for the situation causing their food insecurity. These solutions would take time.  With solutions available, HOTEL INC offered to create partnerships to work with individuals and families for the long haul, both sides realizing the solution may take 3 months or 3 years.

“The Solution Investment Partnership helped me to find lower prescription cost. This was an additional $40 each month in my budget. I am no longer hungry.” – Single senior citizen partner

“My doctor tells me I need to eat fresh foods. A co-op would make that possible for me!” – Senior citizen with type 2 diabetes

In 2021, HOTEL INC will begin to create a fresh food co-op with their partnering households. The co-op will include leadership from the co-op members. Co-op members will pay a reduced fee for their weekly or bi-weekly share. HOTEL INC will continue to provide nutritional shelf staple foods to neighbors who are elderly or have no transportation, in addition to the opportunity of partnership if these households are at risk of chronic food insecurity.

Addressing and alleviating food insecurity is supported by donations, grants, and fundraising. HOTEL INC is also the community food pantry partner of Meijer’s “Simply Give” program. We appreciate Meijer’s commitment to regional local foods and economic improvement for farmers.

Our primary focus area of service is the west end of Bowling Green and the northern part of Warren County. If you live in other areas of Warren County, we will do our best to work with you or make a proper referral. To utilize the food pantry, you must bring a driver’s license or state ID, the social security cards of everyone in your household, and proof of address (like recent mail).

Delafield Community Garden

Raised garden beds are available for rent April – November at $5 per bed. HOTEL INC will provide the seeds and plants you want to grow.

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