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Tuesday 10 AM –  4 PM
Wednesday 10 AM – 4 PM
Thursday 10 AM – 6 PM
Friday 10 AM – 4 PM

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A Social Enterprise of HOTEL INC

The Delafield Co-Op Market sells KY Proud fruits, vegetables, dairy, eggs, and meat in the historic Delafield neighborhood where small mom and pop markets once served a thriving community in the 20th century.

The market targets West End residents who live in the largest food desert of the city. Anyone can become a member of the co-op for $60, but West End residents will receive free membership and a savings of up to 50% each time they shop. This social enterprise is sustained by community donations and grants that strengthen food security and provide daily access to healthy foods.

Benefits of the Delafield Co-Op Market include education, training, and information for members, staff, and volunteers; focus on member needs and sustainable growth of their community; fresh, nutritious, affordable food which improves health and supports people with chronic disease such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, and connects farmers, makers, producers, and shoppers.

Over the last eight years, HOTEL INC has partnered with area farmers and other local food carriers to strengthen food security among the families with whom it partners.

HOTEL INC researched various models across the state and country. Through surveys and interviews conducted in partnership with City Shapers BG, families and community partners emphasized the need and desire for a grocery store. While Delafield Co-Op will be a micro-market, it will give residents daily access to nutritious foods—a key determinant of health.

To facilitate the transition from food pantry to a micro grocery store, Meals, Inc. and First Christian Church will bridge the work of the previous pantry at HOTEL INC. The co-op pilot is partially funded by a grant from the Community Foundation of South Central Kentucky and the KY Dept. of Agriculture.

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