On July 22, 2021, the City of Bowling Green hosted an Open Work Session on the topic of Homelessness. HOTEL INC has been part of our community wide CoC Coordinated Entry group since it formed in 2016. Any group can participate in the CoC Coordinated Entry that provides homelessness prevention or homeless services in the 10 county BRADD area.

We are sharing our collaborative presentation that was given at the Open Work Session. You can view it here.

Homelessness is a traumatic event and can happen to anyone. While majority of people are able to rebound quickly and without assistance from the community, data shows that roughly 20% will need various assistance, tools, and navigation from one or more nonprofits. Their experience of homelessness will often be longer than 45 days. Roughly 10% are at risk of becoming chronically homeless if wrap around services are not in place in a community.

The Pandemic is increasing homelessness in our community with many individuals being female and  single parent households experiencing homelessness for the first time in their lives. The lack of affordable housing and being rent burdened or domestic violence being the contributing factors.

We ask the commission to not just consider the requests made by the Coordinated Entry group but to explore them, continue the conversation, look at the economic cost of homelessness, learn from the people themselves who have or are experiencing homelessness.

The KY League of Cities created a great report this year on Understanding Homelessness. You can visit https://www.klc.org/userfiles/Understanding_Homelessness_Feb2021-revised20210216100330.pdf to view this report.

We know the solution to homelessness is housing. It is time we all come together to work on the solution and the contributing factors. Everyone in our community should have the opportunity to thrive and not just survive.

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