The average age of death while living on the street is 48-52.

Where do you recover when you are sick? Where would you recover if you lived on the street or in your car?


The core philosophy of Street Medicine is to create a relationship with those sleeping on the streets that will create the potential for them to live healthier lives. Access to medical care is the core function as well as interventions that promote a healthier life are also integral to this practice. These interventions would include but not limited to, safety, housing, psychiatric, substance abuse treatment, harm reduction and personal fulfillment.


Outreach is the core activity in Street Medicine. Outreach can be achieved in a variety of ways and should overlap so that different sub-populations and needs of the street population are met and adapted to as new needs arise.

Walking rounds are vital in a successful Outreach program. Teams will likely drive a vehicle to a general area then walk to local camps for encounters. The long term result of effective outreach is the mutual desire to seek an improved life for our clients.   


When possible, medications should be obtained through the client’s primary care physician or practice with their insurance if applicable. If there is no primary physician or insurance, vouchers from HOTEL INC may be used for the prescribing medication. The Street Medicine program will not cover any controlled substances.   

Doctor Appointments

The Street Medicine program assists with connecting the client with medical professionals for preventative and additional care needs. We will help them obtain medical insurance, find a doctor, make appointments and provide transportation when needed. 


HOTEL INC also manages limited housing for transitional respite care. Contact us for details.

PBS Documentary

For a glimpse of the complexities our homeless population faces, watch this award-winning PBS Close to Home street medicine documentary…

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