HOTEL INC provides Warren County citizens with pathways to stable housing, community resources, building relationships, quality food, and serving our neighbors.


  • we believe that every person, no matter how adverse the circumstances, is redeemable by God and can live a life of meaning and purpose.
  • we treat all people with dignity and respect, always with the understanding that we are part of one community.
  • we and those we serve work together to be people of integrity, responsibility and commitment.


To advocate, educate, empower and share in the work of our community to ensure all citizens have security through safe, affordable, habitable housing and nutritious food.


HOTEL INC was established as a 501(c)3 in 1981. The founders of the organization created HOTEL INC to serve the impoverished and homeless of Warren County. The name is an acronym standing for Helping Others Through Extending Love In the Name of Christ. Our funding is derived from private donations, foundation grants and fundraising. Through the years the program elements have changed but the core of the organization remains the same.

In our efforts to end homelessness rather than maintain it, HOTEL INC seeks to serve people who are experiencing homelessness efficiently and effectively. We currently provide program infrastructure that are best practices in the US. Additionally, our formal adoption of coordinated entry for those applying for housing services has created an organized and effective flow that directs clients from program intake to program exit with aftercare case management. With navigation (case management) and financial assistance, these households are offered a pathway from homelessness into sustainable permanent housing. We have found since implementing the Coordinated Entry in July 2016 that roughly 20% of people experiencing homelessness will need some form of financial assistance to obtain permanent housing. Roughly 65-70% can solve their housing situation on their own and do not continue working with us. 5- 10% are not in our scope of work and need to be connected to the proper services. Housing is not the top priority for 5% of those who come in for housing navigation services.

Our local community continues to be challenged by food insecurity, which presents the impoverished and homeless with hunger and poor health. Manna Mart offers fresh local food year round and the best practice of client choice for food selection. HOTEL INC seeks to promote the well-being of all individuals and families served through outcomes of relieved hunger, improved health, and advanced nutritional education.